Get Long Lashes Naturally

Posted on 06 February 2016

I see many women wearing fake eyelashes/eyelash extensions. What they do not realize is the harm that they end up doing to their real lashes. This popular trend can actually cause allergic reactions, infections, and more.

Consumer wrote an article Eyelash extentions can pose health risks with the help of Medical Advisor, Orly Avitzur, M.D., stated "Eyelash extensions--single synthetic fibers glued one by one to natural eyelashes--are usually fixed in place by formaldehyde-based adhesives or other biologic glues. The eyelash enhancers carry a risk of bacterial and fungal infection."

Instead of risking your health and spending a ton of money on fake eyelashes every month, try this natural method that can be made right at the comfort of your home:

Clean and empty out a mascara bottle or a tiny bottle that you can use to dip a mascara brush into.
In a small bowl, mix a spoon of Coconut Oil, a couple drops of Vitamin E Oil, and a couple drops of Argan Oil. (Don't be afraid to add too much because they are all natural oils and really good for your hair and skin.)
Once mixed, pour in the tiny empty and clean bottle that you are going to use.
Clean your face out every night before going to bed. Then apply the mixture with a clean mascara brush onto your eyelashes. Try to cover your eyelashes from the roots to the tips. You can also apply it to the outer part like applying eyeliner. Then allow your skin to soak it in and dry.
Do this every night before going to bed. Watch your lashes amazingly grow long and gorgeous!

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