Get Rid of Blemishes

Posted on 11 May 2016

Trying to find the perfect face mask that fixes your blemishes? Here are ten do it yourself masks that will make you scream "THANK YOU!" On the plus side, its all natural!

1. Tighten and Firm Your Skin.
    Mix two tsp of honey with two tsp of coffee. The
    antioxidants in coffee helps to firm and tighten the skin.
    Honey moisturizes the skin while coffee improves blood

2. Clear skin.
    Mix two tsp of honey with one tsp of lemon. Honey is
    a natural antibacterial full of antioxidants that helps kill
    the bacteria that produces acne. While lemons are
    high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
    Together, this mixture will help get rid of acne, scares,
    blackheads, dead skin, dark spots, and shrink pores.

3. Glowing Skin.
    Mix two tbsp of yogurt with two tsp of lemon juice.
    Yogurt is great for the skin and hair containing zinc and
    lactic acid which produces healthy skin. It helps remove
    dead skin cells, hydrate dry patches, tighten pores,
    reduces fine lines, anti-aging, removes dandruff, itchy
    scalp, and nourishes the hair. It is recommended to use
    plain yogurt or the ones that have high levels of fats.

4. Clear Up Acne.
    Mix two tbsp of honey with one tsp of cinnamon. These
    two mixed together produce a powerful anti acne face

5. Brighten Skin Overnight.
    Mix two tbsp of milk with one tomato. raw milk has lactic
    while tomato has fruit acid. This combination will create 
    a high acid overnight mask that will clear up and even
    out the skin.

6. Clear Blackheads.
    Mix one tsp of lemon juice with one egg white. This
    mixture will help even out blemishes, clear blackheads,
    and reduce the size of pores.

7. Get Rid Of Oily Skin.
    Mix two tbsp of aloe vera gel with one tsp of turmeric.
    This mixture helps to naturally get rid of acne and
    wrinkles. It also cleans out pores and removes dead
    skin for a smooth and healthy glow. Rich in

8. Healthy Skin.
    Mix one tbsp of coconut oil with one fourth tsp of 
    turmeric. This mixture will help lighten up your skin
    tones by moisturizing and hydrating. In addition, it
    helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing
    acne and blemishes.

9. Anti-aging Mask.
    Mix two tbsp of aloe vera with one tsp of egg. Aloe
    Vera hydrates the skin and retains its elasticity while
    the egg gives the protein needed.

10. Deep Clean Pores.
      Mix two tbsp of yogurt with one tbsp of oatmeal. This
      will prevent and reduce large pores making your skin
      look firm and healthy.  

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